Modified twisting practice the key to spinal health

Gummi   5.5.2020

Modified twisting practice

Modified twisting practice, is a modified version of our previous twisting video. This video was made in response to requests for making the practice more accessible, with modifications, when the body feels stiff or is less mobile. This is a breathcentric practice and the rhythm of the breath is inhale 6 seconds and exhale 8 seconds. This might be a challenge to begin with, but with every repetition of the practice you will surely improve.



The modified twisting practice practice takes about 29 minutes to do. It can be practiced early morning to wake up the body, or late afternoon to unwind after the day. We don´t recommend you doing it before bed as it could activate your system.

If you want to investigate and explore breath centric practice see webpage.

See also practice on youtube link.

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