The Classical Tradition of T.Krishnamacharya

75 hour teacher training


Learn yoga for yourself or enrich your yoga teaching skills for deeper impact


Enrollment Opens December 1st, 2023!

NOTE: This 75 hr teacher training is the foundation to our fully certified Teacher Training programs. It can be taken as a standalone yoga studies course to develop and deepen your yoga practice. It also gives you the option to continue on and complete the 250 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, aswell as our Facilitator training programme.

Deepen Your Knowledge & Experience of Yoga


Gaining a deeper understanding of yoga can be a challenge when our primary experience of yoga is limited to group classes.

In order for us to develop an authentic intimate relationship with yoga we must begin a more independent exploration of our own embodied experiences combined with authentic yogic teachings. This is also the fundamental pre-requisite to becoming a skilled yoga teacher.


The 75 hour Teacher Training has been developed and refined for over 40 years and its intention is for you to learn the fundamental techniques. skills, art and science of personal practice or enrich your teaching skills. We invite you to come, explore and develop the wisdom and clarity that yoga offers. You don’t need to be an aspiring yoga teacher, simply bring your love for yoga, a curiosity for deeper insights, and a readiness to let yoga transform your life positively!

Unique Features Of This Course

Emphasis on your own Personal practice

Learn to craft and develop your personal practice using time-tested blueprints and the necessary skillset to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution.

Integrated holistic practices 

Learn from a diversity of new skills, to apply in your own life and practice, not simply āsana. We´ll be drawing from the rich teachings that Krishnamacharya taught his most prominent students, energetic secrets and methodology, pranayama and the role of Ayurveda and its links with yoga to make lasting changes in your life and the lives of your future students.

Intelligent asana

Learn to work smarter not harder. Become a teacher of depth and knowledge when you gain a complete understanding of the fundamental principles and functions across the whole spectrum of postures.

The transformative power of breath work

Understanding the power of your breath and how to manipulate it for physical, mental and energetic mastery is a major key to unravelling personal obstacles and karmic knots.


In holding true to the yoga traditions the aim is that these teachings bring benefit to those who use them on their path towards independence, both as a student and as a teacher.

Discover profound philosophy

Ancient sacred texts (and the maps they give us) are a key component to this training, made relevant and accessible to your daily living and relationships.


The course runs over a period of 5 months, beginning February 3 & ending June 5th. (Approximately 1 weekend per month). 5 weekend modules including the Advanced Yoga Immersion, 4 Live online sessions, 2 Private mentoring sessions.

Please note: If you´ve already completed our 12 hour Advanced Immersion your training will begin with Module 2. (You are welcome to re-take the Immersion with reduction of costs. Please contact us for details.)


Module 1 Advanced Yoga Immersion: 3 – 4 February

Module 2 : 2 – 3 March

Module 3: 23 – 24 March

Module 4: 27 – 28 April

Module 5: 25 – 26 May

All modules are held at Art of Yoga training school , Skipholt 35, 105 Reykjavik. The course runs from 09:00 – 18:00 both days with a 2 hour lunch break

Module 1-2  online review:  13 March

Module 3 online review: 17 April

Module 4 online review: 8th May

Module 5 online review: 5th June

All module review meetings are held Live online on zoom. Instructions and timings will be sent to participants after signing up. Any missed zoom meetings will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

Mentoring private sessions x2 with a senior teacher are included, and can be taken anytime during the course. Timings are decided between mentor and student.

“Every minute was amazing and the explanation on what is yoga, how to maintain it, the connection between Asana and counterposes really opened up to me. And the Sutras, I will definitely look into them after the study”


“The course was an eye opening for me. The material was presented in such a clear and systematic way, that it was easy to follow the story of the teaching. It is definitely not a beginners course, and I feel I have much greater understanding how to move forward with my practice and teaching”


“Thank you Talya. Everything you do is so well done, thoughtful, passionate and knowledgeable.  The course was lively, effective, thoughtful, challenging, varied and excellent. I will be back on my mat soon with you”


What Will I Learn? 

The 75 hour will teach you the most fundamental and vital elements to your yoga practice and yoga teaching in a one-of-a-kind teacher training programme. It forms the basis for being able to teach confidently to any person or group and in any situation. The whole training will be a mixture of practice and theory sessions with time for questions and personal interaction and exploration. These teachings will give you the core principles of an authentic yoga practice made relevant for modern day practitioners.


Is the 75 hour Teacher Training for me?

Is this 75 hour Teacher Training for Me?

The 75 hr Teacher Training gives you the opportunity to explore your yoga journey in more depth.

This course is ideal for :

  • People who are curious about their own yoga practice, have experienced benefits from yoga, and want to go deeper and learn more.
  • Yoga students who are interested in learning from a classical tradition from the source of the yoga teachings from India.
  • Trained yoga teachers from any background wanting to enrich their teaching and / or begin a pathway towards authentic one to one master training.
  • Sincere yoga students who are not ready yet to commit to a full teacher training and want to get familiar with the teachings before continuing further.
Am I ready?

If you are :

  • Passionate or curious about your yoga practice and inspired to learn more?
  • Eager to understand the deeper layers of yoga, and not simply postures or group work generic teaching?
  • Feeling the calling to move forward in your personal development to explore your full potential?
  • Are curious and unsure about where to do a full teacher training and wish to see if our teaching resonates with you before committing further. 

Then the 75 hour Teacher Training is for you!

The 75 hour Teacher Training is an inspiring and intensive experiential experience  that will help you understand the hidden layers of an authentic yoga practice. It will give you the fundamental principles and foundations to a sustainable “evergreen” practice and for further training in yoga teaching or one to one work.

Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

This 75 hour yoga teacher training gives you:

  • An accredited certificate from three international bodies received in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for this course.
  • Solid foundations for further studies in Yoga – if you choose to go on and complete our fully certified 250hr and 500hr yoga teacher training programmes or Facilitator training.  
  • A unique training in the authentic Living yoga tradition with a strong emphasis on your personal development and transformation. 
  • A Clear direction in developing and refining your personal asana and seated concentration practice
  • Opportunity to enrich your teaching and develop new paradigms if you’re already a fully qualified yoga teacher or healthcare professional. 
  • Advanced knowledge and skills should you wish to enter into our apprenticeship teaching programme.
  • A wonderful worldwide community of like-minded fellow students and yoga teachers
  • Opportunity for dedicated ongoing personal practice development, teaching guidance and study support from a senior mentor-teacher in the Krishnamacharya tradition. 
  • If you decide to continue and complete the full Teacher trainings, 250hr and 500hr you will be eligible to register with  Yoga Alliance.

What will I learn?

Yoga History, Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle.
  • Yoga origins and its background

  • Understanding core concepts that underlie the Yoga Sutra

  • Exploring structure and purpose of the Yoga Sutra

  • Explore key concepts and fundamental Sutra from chapter one and two for deepening and refining your yoga practice.

  • Discover yoga’s place and meaning as a modern practitioner.

  • Evolution of related Yoga teachings

Intelligent Asana®, seated and Mudra practice.
  • How to get the most benefits and purpose from Asana

  • Exploring selected fundamental postures that benefit every yoga student.

  • The secrets of looking into our yoga practice with greater awareness

  • The why’s, how’s and skills of using movement or stay in asana.

  • Fundamental maps and blueprints for practice planning that make planning creative and fun.

  • Why and how breath re-patterning can transform your practice.

  • Why and how adapting your practice can transform your posture.

  • Introduction to the intelligent system of pratikriyasana, how to neutralise the negative effects of asana for a safe and sustainable yoga practice for you and your students.

Pranayama and Meditation.
  • A profound and scientific breath test that can show you in seconds your true level of health, vitality and mental calm.

  • Understanding Pranayama from the authentic Ancient Indian model.

  • Discover the relationship between Pranayama and Asana.

  • Explore helpful and practical techniques of Pranayama that can serve you in your daily life.

  • Understanding the real purpose and benefits of meditation.

  • Learning fundamental techniques of Meditation through Asana and Pranayama.

Sustainable health and holistic lifestyle.
  • The Role for Yoga as a Preventative or Therapeutic tool

  • Discover the purpose and modern scientific application of Ayurveda and its links with Yoga

  • Understanding the primary principles that underlie the energetic diagnostic tools in Ayurveda.

  • Learn how to self – diagnose your energetic constitution as taught in traditional Ayurveda

  • Explore the role and effects of food on our energetic constitution as taught in traditional Ayurveda.

  • Applying the purpose of Ayurveda as a lifestyle support within every day life.

Our 75 hour Teacher Training is accredited by

Next training starts 3rd February 2024 

Tuition investment and refund policy

Training investment:  205.000 kr.

Members: 195.000 kr.

Deposit: To secure your space a non-returnable deposit of 29,500 kr is required upon booking. The balance is due a week before the course starts. Payments may be made by cash or direct bank transfer and payment plans are available. Please contact us. 

In order to maintain a high level of personal support from senior mentors-teachers, places are limited. Please apply early to avoid disappointment!

Teaching will be mixed English and Icelandic according to participants. If there are English speaking participants the whole weekend will be taught in English with Icelandic translation where needed.

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    I don´t know if I´m fully ready for the course?
    If you feel you´re not ready or wondering if this commitment is right for you, you can take the first module of the 75 hour training, the 12 hour  Advanced Yoga Immersion . From there you can decide if you wish to roll on into the 75hour Teacher Training. (please note that the Advanced Immersion fee will then be deducted from the 75 hour investment)
    What are the prerequisites or criteria for attending the 75-hour training?
    A minimum of 2 years of yoga practice is required to participate.
    Is there a focus on personal practice and self-reflection during the 75-hour training?
    Absolutely! The primary objective and emphasis of the 75 hour training is to transmit teachings that will guide you in creating a sustainable personal practice to support you in everyday life. A daily yoga practice is encouraged throughout the course and we also suggest that students participate in our group classes in order to practice the skills and techniques learnt.
    Are there any required readings or assignments before or during the training?
    Upon registration a reading list will be sent to all participants. During the course there will be explorations  to be completed in your own time and reflections on previously taught material.
    What style of yoga do you teach?
    All our teachings are rooted in the teachings of the 20th century Indian yogi T. Krishnamacharya and his son the world renowned healer and yogi TKV. Desikachar. The essence of these teachings underlie most modern “styles” of yoga, as they are rooted in the ancient source of Yoga, the Vedas, Samkhya philosophy, Raja, Hatha and the Vinyasa Krama system.  Krishnamacharya was a highly realised yogi who adapted  yoga practices to the individual or group. His teaching methods have been called “Person-Centred”, because they aim to adapt authentic yoga practices to the needs and capacity of the individual, rather than fit the individual into a particular “style”.

    As Krishnamacharya was a master in many disciplines, such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy, Jyotish, Herbology, Pulse reading, Mantra, Chanting, Tantra and Bhakti our teachings reflect this, using the tools of Vinyasa Krama (asana, mudra, bandha), Pranayama, Meditation, Vedic chanting, Tantric discipline, study of ancient scriptures, Ayurveda, and the advanced modality of using yoga for healing in a therapeutic context. 

    What kind of support and resources are available to the students within the 75 hour training?
    Included in the 75 hour training are 2 private sessions with a senior teacher to develop your personal practice or offer discussion around the teaching material.

    After each teaching weekend there is a Live Online Review session, where we will practice together and consolidate previous teachings, be available to answer questions that might have arisen around the material learnt, or any personal practice question that might arise.

    Further assistance and support is available though private sessions with a senior teacher, but this needs to be discussed and booked personally with the teacher. (Not included in the 75 hour teacher training.)

    Who teaches the 75hr Teacher Training?
    The 75hr  TT  is taught by Senior Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists Talya Freeman and Guðmundur Pálmarsson.

    Both are highly experienced teachers and practitioners authorised to train in the Krishnamacharya tradition from the world renowned yoga school in the UK “Center For Yoga Studies”.

    They have been teaching since 2002, and specialise in mentoring students and yoga teachers mostly in a private 1-to-1 setting, or using yoga and breath work as therapy.

    What is the Structure of the training?
    Are there any assessment or test in this course?
    For those who wish to participate in a course for their own personal development and experience of Yoga, and do not wish to go on to become certified as Yoga Teachers, no formal assessments are required.

    To be eligible to go on to further studies to gain certification and registration as a Yoga Teacher or Yoga Therapist, a variety of assessments are required. These include demonstration of knowledge, competencies and skills relevant to each course unit and commitment to regular personal Yoga practice.

    Minimum of 90% attendance is required for completion of the module. In special circumstances, alternative arrangements may be made with the course director to meet the requirements of the course.

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