The Advanced Yoga Immersion

The Classical Tradition of T.Krishnamacharya

advanced yoga immersion


12 hour professional practitioner course

Learn yoga for yourself or enrich your yoga teaching skills for deeper impact.

NOTE: This 12 hr course is the first module of our Teacher Training programs. It can be done as a standalone yoga studies course to develop and deepen your yoga practice. It also gives you the option to continue on and complete the 75, 200, or 500 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings if you wish.

The Advanced Yoga Immersion

Deepen Your Knowledge & Experience of Yoga


Gaining a deeper understanding of yoga can be a challenge when our primary experience of yoga is limited to group classes.

In order for us to develop an authentic intimate relationship with yoga we must begin a more independent exploration of our own embodied experiences combined with authentic yogic teachings. This is also the fundamental pre-requisite to becoming a skilled yoga teacher.


The Advanced yoga immersion has been developed and refined for over 40 years and its intention is for you to learn the fundamental skill, art and science of personal practice or enrich your teaching skills. We invite you to come, explore and develop the wisdom and clarity that yoga offers. You don’t need to be an aspiring yoga teacher, simply bring your love for yoga, a curiosity for deeper insights, and a readiness to let yoga transform your life positively!

“Every minute was amazing and the explanation on what is yoga, how to maintain it, the connection between Asana and counterposes really opened up to me. And the Sutras, I will definitely look into them after the study”


“The course was an eye opening for me. The material was presented in such a clear and systematic way, that it was easy to follow the story of the teaching. It is definitely not a beginners course, and I feel I have much greater understanding how to move forward with my practice and teaching”


“Thank you Talya. Everything you do is so well done, thoughtful, passionate and knowledgeable.  The course was lively, effective, thoughtful, challenging, varied and excellent. I will be back on my mat soon with you”


Next 2024 Immersion Course

3rd – 4th February 2024

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12 hr in person weekend course.


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What Will I Learn? 

The Advanced Immersion will give you wisdom teachings which have been transmitted directly from teacher to student since the 9th century Sage Nathamuni. The weekend will be a mixture of practice and theory sessions with time for questions and personal interaction and exploration. These teachings will give you the core principles of yoga practice made relevant for modern day practitioners.

Is the advanced immersion for me?

The 12 hr Advanced Immersion gives you the opportunity to explore your yoga journey in more depth.

This course is ideal for :

  • People who are curious about their own yoga practice, have experienced benefits from yoga, and want to go deeper and learn more.
  • Yoga students who are interested in learning from a classical tradition from the source of the yoga teachings from India.
  • Trained yoga teachers from any background wanting to enrich their teaching and / or begin a pathway towards authentic one to one master training.
  • Sincere yoga students who are not ready yet to commit to a full teacher training and want to get familiar with the teachings before continuing further.

If you are :

  • Passionate or curious about your yoga practice and inspired to learn more?
  • Eager to understand the deeper layers of yoga, and not simply postures or group work generic teaching?
  • Feeling the calling to move forward in your personal development to explore your full potential?
  • Curious and unsure about where to do a full teacher training and wish to see if our teaching resonates with you before committing further? 

Then the Advanced Yoga Immersion is for you!

The 12 hr. Advanced Yoga Immersion is an inspiring and intensive experiential experience  that will help you understand the hidden layers of an authentic yoga practice. It will give you the fundamental principles and foundations to a sustainable “evergreen” practice and for further training in yoga teaching or one to one work.

  • The Advanced Immersion will give you the foundations to continue on to our Teacher Trainings, 75, 200 and 500 hour. 
  • The course will give you clarity and confidence in developing your personal practice 
  • Teachers will gain new insights and perspectives (the how’s and why’s) which you can implement immediately into your teaching. 
  • Join a community of like-minded students committed to their own personal growth and wanting to make an impact in their world. 
  • Each student will get a certificate of attendance for 12 hours that can be used towards Continuing Ed Units in Iceland. 

What will i learn?

  • Introduction to the classical view, direction and path of yoga.
  • Exploring the core concepts of Patanjali´s Yoga Sutra – the main authoritative text on yoga.
  • Intelligent Asana ® (yoga postures)
  • Pranayama (breathing technique fundamentals)
  • Ancient sequencing blueprints
  • Principles of yoga practice 
  • Workshops on chosen asana

Each student will get a 60 page manual with illustrations as a workbook guide to take home after the course. Reading list suggestions will be sent upon your registration.

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Booking and Details

3rd – 4th February

Course investment: 39.500 kr.

Members fee: 29.500 kr.

Payments can be made in cash, or direct bank transfer. Sign up by filling out the form.

The course runs from 09:00 – 18:00 both days with a 2 hour lunch break.

Schedule outline will be sent after registration

Teaching will be mixed English and Icelandic according to participants. If there are English speaking participants the whole weekend will be taught in English with Icelandic translation where needed.

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