what is 1-to-1?

One to one is the name we give to the traditional approach within yoga where teachings are transmitted personally from teacher to student in a private setting. It ́s a completely different approach to group classes, and is not a group class for one. In your private sessions you are trained and guided in a customised practice that you do regularly at home. Specific tools of yoga are adapted
by your teacher to meet your unique goals, needs and capabilities at a pace suitable for you.

When you go to any group class you do a general practice and so you ́ll get general results. However, if everyday, you do something specifically designed for your unique body, mind and life circumstances, you will receive results specifically related to your body, your mind and your life. An individually designed practice has the power to create real sustainable development and life transformation.

The Living yoga tradition has been handed down in a series of individual relationships between teacher and student for millenia for a reason. Simply put, there is immense value in receiving input from a reliable outside reference, especially one who is more experienced than you and who cares about you.

We believe the personal one to one relationship you develop over time with a primary teacher who helps to develop and revise your practice is invaluable.

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