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Private yoga training and lifestyle counselling

with Talya and Gummi





A life changing practice in only 20 minutes a day


Are you interested in learning  yoga for yourself? Would you like to explore where yoga can take you, in your own time and in your own place? Would you like personal support and guidance in your practice?

Personal, one to one yoga is the way that yoga was traditionally taught and studied in India. We believe this is still the most effective and direct way to learn yoga.  The aim of the one to one yoga method is to practice the ideal yoga for you. Your practice is personalised and tailormade to meet your needs and interests. In this way a shorter practice done regularly is far more effective than longer practices done now and again.

As little as 20 minutes can bring life changing results.

We offer a free 30 minute consultation to see how yoga can work best for you. (This can also be done virtually or by phone)  Please fill out the form for more information or to request a consultation.

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What can a personalised practice do for you?

Students from all walks of life and in every life situation come to us for one to one yoga sessions. This way of working is suitable for beginners through to advanced practitioners and teachers. Here are a few (but not limited to) key areas of interest for individualised training:

  • Improve health, well being and happiness

  • Gain greater strength, mobility and flexibility

  • Develop a personal yoga practice with ongoing advice, feedback and support

  • Learn the art and science of yogic breathing (prānāyāma)

  • Learn complex asana

  • Learn the art of living with greater calm, ease and clarity of mind

  • Enhance awareness and concentration

  • Increase stamina, endurance and daily energy

  • Reduce stress or anxiety and improve sleep issues

  • Address lifestyle issues, unhelpful living patterns or dietry issues

  • Reduce dependency on social 
and medical drugs or overeating

Yoga for health, healing and transformation

One to one sessions are designed to take you from where you are towards your goals no matter what life circumstances you are in.  We can take time to discuss your priorities in developing a home practice and the relevant yogic tools for your needs and interests. This allows you to develop the most appropriate skills and proven strategies which are personal to you. You will be guided step by step at a manageable pace that is perfect for you.

A holistic approach

Depending on your aspirations we draw from the full spectrum of holistic and multi-dimensional yogic teachings. Your practice could include posture (asana), seated breathing (pranayama), locks ( bandha), sound (mantra), meditation, personal ritual and study of texts. We can also look at lifestyle (vihara) and food (ahara) based on Ayurvedic and yogic principles of living with wisdom.

To be able to work with students in this unique way takes many years of study.  Both Talya and Gummi have been studying  individualised yoga since 2008 and have been in a professional ongoing apprenticeship from 2015 with the world renowned Centre for Yoga Studies, UK.

The process

First Session


  • In the first session you will be taught practices that will be tailor-made to your specific goals, capacity and needs.

  • You will be given hand drawn practices to take home with you and clear guidance so you will have the confidence to practice on your own. The practices change with time as your abilities and understanding develops.


11.000kr / 16,000kr

  • Typically sessions will alternate half-hour and hourly sessions in a review / development pattern with a gap between them of 2 to 4 weeks. This, however, can vary from person to person.

Your participation

  • Your practice is designed for regular use at home. It can vary from a two or three times daily short 10-15 minute practice as a therapy, to an hour plus practice for development, depending on its role and how much time you are prepared to make available. Typically it is around 20 minutes.

One to one Talya private yoga lessons

free consultation

The first step is to come and meet one of us. We provide a free confidential no obligation consultation to discuss your situation and goals.  This gives an opportunity to ask any questions, gain clarity or understand how we can help you. We may ask you to do some simple movements to assess your current abilities.

After your free consultation your teacher will reflect on your initial conversation and consider your personal journey before meeting you for your first session.

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Cancellation Policy

All fees will be due in full where the notice is less than 48 hours



Highly recommended. Individual teaching, as I have been taught with Talya, has provided opportunity for personal, physical and mental development and growth. I can say, it has changed my life. Before my health and energy level was not at it´s best and Talya´s attentiveness, skills, knowledge, kindness and good humor has helped me to turn things around to gain good health, strength and well being. …Individual teaching is not comparable to going to regular Yoga classes. Individual teachings gives you so, so much more. It is a blessing to have met Talya and I am forever grateful for that.

Þórunn Gísladóttir

Before I started taking private lessons with Talya, I had been going to yoga here and there for a few years without finding my place and getting it out of the yoga I was looking for. For almost a year now, I have been studying with Talya, and with the daily practice of the program she has carefully put together for me and adapted as needed, I finally feel like I am practicing yoga and reaping health benefits and more peace of mind.

Maríanna Said

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