12th - 13th October 2019

33,900 kr . Earlybird price before 21st September 29,900 kr.

The art of yoga foundation to a personal practice

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to another level?  Do you want to understand yoga on a deeper level as a practictioner or as a teacher? Would you like to take charge of your yoga practice and get more autonomy, but lack the knowledge of where to start or where to go in your personal practice?

Then this course is for YOU!


“Every minute was amazing and the explanantions on what is yoga, how to maintain it, the connection between asanas and counterposes really opened up to me. And the sutra, I will definitely look in to them after the study.”

Eyrún María


what is it?

This is an experiential weekend course with both theory and practices.  Time-tested yogic tools handed down from teacher to student for centuries, will be explored for developing a personal practice to support your everyday life. The workshops are 10 hours in total, with physical workbooks, and will give an overview of the core fundamental Yoga teachings around body, mind and emotions. An authorized teacher will share the ancient principles of practice which inspire and shape Yoga and offer familiarisation with Yoga terms and practice techniques.


who is it for?

Open to all except complete beginners, this is an ideal course for keen students, teacher trainees and yoga teachers from any yoga background. The Practitioners Course is an opportunity to take part in a unique experience focused on YOU whether to develop a personal practice or for enhancing your professional teaching skills.


The content

When you start the course you will receive a 60 page manual with material that covers the following subjects:

On successful completion you will be awarded a Certificate.

This is the original refined course from the long standing and Internationally respected Centre for Yoga Studies in the UK and draws from 25  years of  study between Desikachar (son of Krishnamacharya, India) and Paul Harvey (cYs). It draws together a number of the core practice elements that this approach specialises in. The emphasis of Krishnamacharya´s teaching was paraṃparā, or transmission through direct experience between teacher and student.



why join a practitioners course?

Yoga is in reality a personal journey and we need to learn to walk it on our own. This is a unique opportunity to explore and integrate the fundamental wisdom teachings of  Yoga in a course which focuses on you and your own individual practice and study Sādhana. You will be given the tools and methodologies to start to craft or refine your own personal practice. This course is also the entry level for our Art of Yoga Foundation – Modules two to five and our in depth personal Teacher Training.


dates and pricing

Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th of october 2019

Both Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 17:30

Full price 33,900 kr . Earlybird price before 21st September 29,900 kr.

The full fee is payable at the time of booking. Confirmation of your payment and place will be sent. All Fees are non-returnable and non-transferable. In the case of a workshop not running a full refund will be given.

Limited to maximum 9 participants

Teacher : Talya Freeman




“The target of Yoga is ‘svatantra’ 
which means to discover our own technique.
‘Sva’ means itself and ‘tantra’ means technique.
The techniques are in oneself and we must discover them;
if not we will depend on others. I am sick and I go to the doctor;
but finally I must become my own therapist.
This is ‘svatantra’.”
– TKV Desikachar




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