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ashtanga with michaela

Join 6 weeks course starting with workshop followed by regular classes twice a week!

Workshop:  Saturday 13 June, 13:00 – 16:00  Learning the basics Please attend if you are new to ashtanga 

Led classes: 15 June – 22 July  every Monday and Wednesday,  17:15 – 18:30

From the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic, Michaela’s soul has been called to come to magical Iceland to share her love for yoga. A few years ago she was given this gift of yoga practise which keeps bringing her purpose, freedom, joy and unconditional love every single day since then. She completed her Masters Degree in Physical Education and sports as well as Yoga Teacher Training at Charles University in Prague. She has been actively participating in workshops with her teachers, one of her favourites are David Robson with Jelena Vesic and Kino McGregor.

Michaela is empathetic with her students and assists with a soft manner. In her classes she puts attention to the breath and inner happiness that is inside each of us. Her classes are full of passion and gratitude. Let’s dive deeper, be more conscious, feel comfortable in the body, warm our heart and shine inside and out.  

Ashtanga yoga is a method where a sequential set of  asanas are gradually learned.  Sun salutations, vinyasa, help the blood circulation to flow smoothly, Ujjayi breath warms the body from within so all the toxins can be removed. The first series with a focus on opening the hips allows us to feel grounded and energy can flow freely through all the chakras. While improving our flexibility, we work on building a lot of strength. To feel strong enough in the body means to feel strong in our life. 

Steady gazing, Drishti, during each asana is an important element of the practice. Each movement and asana becomes meditation which has profound effect on the steadiness and calmness of the mind. When our gaze is strong, steady and focused, we can find balance and harmony. Bandhas, the secret energetic locks, help through entire practise to gain and keep the energy. 

Class is for beginners as well as advanced practicioners. 

Everybody is more then welcome!

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