The Advanced Yoga Immersion

The Classical Tradition of T.Krishnamacharya

advanced yoga immersion


12 hour professional practitioner course

Learn yoga for yourself or enrich your yoga teaching skills for deeper impact.

“Mentoring” stands as a contemporary term encapsulating a fundamental aspect deeply rooted in the historical traditions of yoga. This practice has gained significant recognition across various professions globally, with Yoga Australia acknowledging and endorsing its pivotal role at all stages of yoga training and teaching. The acknowledgment of mentoring extends to contributing towards the accumulation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points required for membership.

The Yoga Institute places great value on the role of mentoring in its yoga teacher training and yoga therapist training courses. Additionally, the institute recognizes the ongoing importance of mentoring for yoga teachers and yoga therapists, irrespective of their level of experience. A team of seasoned mentors is available to offer personalized one-on-one guidance for professional development.


There are four distinct types of mentoring options available:

  1. Personal Practice Mentoring: Guidance focused on refining and deepening one’s personal yoga practice. This mentoring option aims to enhance the individual’s understanding and embodiment of yoga principles for personal growth and well-being.
  2. Facilitator Training Mentoring: Tailored support for those undergoing facilitator training, ensuring they acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to lead and guide others in yoga practices. This mentoring track is dedicated to fostering effective teaching techniques and facilitation skills.
  3. Group Class Yoga Teacher Mentoring: Specifically designed for individuals engaged in teaching yoga to groups. This mentoring option provides insights into structuring and delivering impactful group classes, managing diverse student needs, and fostering a positive class environment.
  4. 1-to-1 and Yoga as Therapy Mentoring: Personalized guidance for individuals seeking to use yoga as a therapeutic tool or for those providing one-on-one instruction. This mentoring avenue focuses on tailoring yoga practices to address specific therapeutic goals, considering the unique needs and challenges of individuals.

These diverse mentoring paths cater to a range of interests and goals within the broader scope of yoga education and practice. Whether it’s honing personal practice, training to become a facilitator, teaching group classes, or using yoga for therapeutic purposes, individuals can find mentorship tailored to their specific aspirations.



At The Yoga Institute, students undergoing training, whether within our institute or elsewhere, benefit from the valuable support of a dedicated mentor. Our mentoring program is designed to cater to the individual needs of each student, focusing on various aspects of their personal and professional yoga journey.

The mentoring experience encompasses the following key areas:

  1. Personal Yoga Practice: Tailored guidance for the development and evaluation of a suitable home yoga practice.
  2. Continuing Education Assistance: Ongoing support for the student’s educational journey, delving deeper into specific aspects of yoga training, such as pranayama techniques, assignment reviews, or practice plans.
  3. Practicum Support: Assistance throughout the practicum segment of the training course, aimed at optimizing the learning experience for the student.

Our professional yoga mentoring goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention to enhance their growth and proficiency in yoga instruction.




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